Frequently Asked Questions for MyToolbox Card

How do I purchase an e-code?

Go to the Buy tab at the top of the screen.

Select the e-code.

Type in the amount you want to give your recipient.

Select how many you want to buy for that amount. 

Add a message to your gift recipient if you would like to.

Add to your basket. 

We will send the e-code to the email address specified on your order with your chosen message.

How do we pay?

We use Opayo (was SagePay) to take your payment details, which means we do not see your payment details at all, they are safely stored with the UK’s biggest platform instead.  We can accept Paypal and we can accept debit or credit cards.  Our service partner Voucherline Ltd take these payments on our behalf, so your card statement will show Voucherline.  Please note that our platform will not allow you to checkout unless you can use 2 step verification from your bank card, and/or your security code or password set by your bank.  It will reject the payment.

When will I get my My Toolbox Card order?

If you are ordering a My Toolbox Card e-code, you or your recipient will get your e-code as soon as successful payment is made via email. Please note though that the e-code will not be live to spend until 24 working hours after receipt.  This is due to security reasons.  Our working hours are 8-4pm Monday to Friday.

How do you use a My Toolbox Card?

Firstly, you cannot take your My Toolbox Card e- code into any store.  The e-code is spent in our website.  So, you need to register your My Toolbox Card e-code.  Visit our website and choose Redeem.  The website will then ask you to sign up to our website. 

Once you are logged into your account, you will then be able to choose e-codes from our partner brands in exchange for the balance on your My Toolbox Card.  You are able to add money to your My Toolbox Card if you want to make more purchases in the future and you can purchase a My Toolbox Card e-code as a gift for someone on your account if you want to.

If you have more than one My Toolbox Card e-code, you are able to register these once you are logged into your account and your balances will be combined together.

You do not need to spend your e-code all at once if you desire.  Your balance of the e-code is valid for 12 months, and each time you receive a new e-code it will increase for another 12 months.  After 12 months, any balance left on the account disappears and we use these funds towards improvements to the program.

Once you have chosen your e-codes, they arrive after 1pm Monday to Friday for you via email.  The e-codes are live so imagine they are the same as cash, you can spend on the partner brands website or in their store (if they have one) by showing the e-code on your phone, or printing the e-code out at home and taking it with you.

Some e-codes have a password too.

Your e-codes will be sent to you from our service partner Voucherline.


My Toolbox Card would like to keep you informed of any new partners added to the platform, or any offers our partners may want to advise you of.

You need to know we hate spamming! So we will not be sending you daily updates etc. but hope you are happy for us to keep in touch gently.  At any time you can ask to be removed from emails and from our lists.


Join our Facebook group!  We would love to see your projects and how you spent your Toolbox card e-code, and will be finding some great offers for you to get within the platform so you can engage with us and enjoy being a part of our community!


If you have purchased e-codes, and they have been ordered/delivered, then these are non-refundable.  If an e-code in your possession or your customer’s possession, purchased from us, is unable to be used due to a brand going into administration, you belong to that brand for any queries pertaining to that e-code as My Toolbox Card will have paid that brand on your behalf already.

If you wish to cancel an order and have a refund, you have 28 days to do so from order date.  We can only refund the order if the My Toolbox Card e-code has not been spent. 

I did not receive my e-code, or my recipient did not get their email

We are able to see in our platform whether your email has been delivered, and whether it’s been opened.  We can also resend your email if you have not had it or it went into spam.  We can also resend to a new email address if it bounces.  Simply email the team at and we can try and assist.

If we send a brand partner e-code to you or your recipient, the same applies.

If you have not received your e-code, and we resend, and you then find it has been spent, we are not responsible for this.  You would need to report it as theft from your emails to your local police station as it would appear the original e-code has been spent by someone who has access to your emails.  All e-codes are purchased only for you, and are only sent to the email address you provide.

If you find that you have sent an email to the wrong address, we will try and block the e-code for you, but cannot guarantee this service for all brand partners.